Lower power consumption

Lower power consumption

Long life without maintenance

All features of water consumption schedule are taken into account

We have developed the mathematical dependencies, which allow for selection of the interdependent elements of a water heater (TTAI heat exchanger, tank volume, pump type), taking into account all the features of the water consumption schedule.
The optimal configuration of the module reduce not only the cost, but also the weight, as well as the dimensions of the heater in comparison with existing analogues. It also provides longer operation of the heater without maintenance.

Scope of application

Our cylinder water heaters provide the required level of hot water supply using a less powerful boiler. It is especially relevant for facilities with uneven water consumption schedule, when the use of a cylinder water heater is the only acceptable option for providing a comfortable hot water supply.

Design features

We have developed an innovative design of cylinder water heaters in the form of a module, which includes a tank with an external heating element, a recirculation pump and pipelines with fittings. A compact TTAI heat exchanger is used as an external heating element.
To select a water heater, please send us the expected hourly water consumption schedule.