Benefits of "tablet" heating units

Benefits of "tablet" heating units

When a heating unit is implemented as a block unit, our heat exchangers provide the following advantages:

  • The heat exchangers can be mounted in any convenient location
  • The weight and bulk of the heating unit are significantly reduced, so it can be placed in a much smaller premise
  • The heat exchangers can be easily accessed for maintenance
  • The output of the heating unit can be varied by simply changing the heat exchangers’ size

Implementation of a heating unit in the "tablet" version provides the same technical and commercial benefits and in addition gives the opportunity of even greater saving of useful space in a premise. Such unit takes up little space, and can be placed as a picture or a tablet on the wall, even in the most small premises (such as corridors, aisles, etc.).

One more technical advantage of the "tablet" version is that each element of the heating unit can be easily accessed. Freeing up space of the premise allows for additional revenue from their use for commercial purposes.