Design Features

Energy saving

Our recuperators provide high energy saving ratio - up to 75%, which is confirmed by several tests in a certified climatic chamber. Many recuperator manufacturers claim a high degree of energy savings, but often this information is not confirmed by correct tests. TeFo recuperators have been repeatedly tested in a certified climatic chamber.

Low price and versatility of installation options

TeFo recuperators are significantly cheaper than most analogs. At the same time, they compare favorably with them in the ease of installation and variety of installation options.
One of the benefits of our recuperators is a versatility of installation options, taking into account all the features of the premise. TeFo recuperators can be installed in any spatial position, and the geometry of the branch pipes can be changed at the request of the customer without affecting the price.

Ease of use

TeFo recuperators do not require maintenance, and the service life of the heat transfer element made of alloy stainless steel is almost unlimited. Installation is carried out within a couple of hours and does not require special equipment. The fans can be easily replaced if necessary, while their service life is significantly increased, since they are located in the premise and are not exposed to changes in outdoor temperatures.


Innovative solutions

Various innovative solutions are implemented in TeFo recuperators. Many of them are based on the results of our research in the field of aerodynamics and heat transfer. These include: a special profile of stainless tubes, which provides a self-cleaning effect; operability in an extremely wide temperature range; tight tube bundle layout, and others.