Heat exchangers

Shell and tube TTAI heat exchangers are successfully used for carrying out effective heat transfer in municipal engineering and almost in all spheres of industry. Developed and produced by our company, these heat exchangers ensure effective operation of heat units, boiler rooms, heat pumps and other devices and systems in heat and power engineering.

Air recuperators

The massive use of modern airproof energy-saving double glass window panes creates a problem with indoor ventilation – natural ventilation does not work because double glass window panes are airproof, which leads to violation of heat transfer hygienic norms. As the result oxygen content in the air is decreasing, carbon dioxide content, nitrogen content and radon content are increasing, which is harmful for human health. Besides, relative air humidity is rising, which leads to the emergence of mould and other harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The use of standard ventilation units leads to heat loss, so double glass window panes become not so airproof as they should be.

Heating units

The use of TTAI heat exchangers in heating units can significantly reduce the size, weight and cost of the latter. A heating unit can be implemented as a block unit (heat exchangers in this case are not included in the unit and are placed separately) or as a "tablet" unit.

Water heaters

Our cylinder water heaters provide the required level of hot water supply using a less powerful boiler. It is especially relevant for facilities with uneven water consumption schedule, when the use of a cylinder water heater is the only acceptable option for providing a comfortable hot water supply.