Application examples

Municipal engineering

Currently TTAI heat exchangers are most widely used in municipal engineering. They are applied in hot water supply and water boiling systems; for air conditioning and ventilation; at swimming pools and saunas, etc. In 1992 our equipment was installed in a centralized heating unit in Sevastopol – it was the first application of our heat exchangers in municipal engineering. Since that time they have got massive use in this field and have been applied both in centralized and local heating units.

In particular, in 2007 the boiler room of St.Petersburg Military District Headquarters (Russia) was equipped with TTAI heat exchangers. Since 2008 they have been ensuring the work of the centralized heating unit in Riga (Latvia), since 2009 they are operating in Arkhangelsk (Russia), since 2010 – in Estonia, since 2011 – in Amur Oblast (Russia).

In 2016 TTAI heat exchangers were installed in the central heat station of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg. 

Recreational industry 

TTAI heat exchangers are widely used in recreational industry. The majority of swimming pools in Crimean health resorts are equipped with our heat exchangers, as well as the swimming pool of the Ukrainian  Paralympic team training camp.

Food industry 

Since 1992 our water-to-water and water-to-steam heat exchangers have been used for pasteurization, cooling and heating of wine in most of Ukrainian wineries. The most well-known among them are: Scientific and Production Association “Massandra”, National Institute of Grapes and Wine “Magarach”, JSC “Odessavinprom”, Sevastopol winery, Inkerman winery. Since 2006 several wineries in Belarus and Moldova have been equipped with our apparatus.

Ship systems 

From early 1990s till nowadays TTAI heat exchangers are being applied in various ship systems: for heating of seawater; in technological processes; in air conditioning systems, etc.

Engineering industry

They are also widely used in different spheres of engineering industry. For more than 20 years to date, the largest Russian automobile plant OJSC “AvtoVAZ” has used our heat exchangers in technological processes (in casting machines, for chromium plating, etc.). TTAI units are successfully operating at large machine-building enterprises such as “Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant” (Ukraine), RUP “Gomselmash”, OJSC “Gomeldrev”, OJSC “Belkard” (Belarus), JSC "Stepnogorsk bearing factory" (Kazakhstan), etc. In chemical industry they are fulfilling different tasks at CJSC “Azot” (Ukraine), OJSC “Grodno Azot”, OJSC “Mozyrsalt”, OJSC "Belshina" (Belarus), etc.

Energy recovery systems 

Lately due to rapid developments in the field of energy saving and use of renewable energy, TTAI heat exchangers are extensively used  in low-potential energy recovery systems and in different devices such as heat pumps. For instance, in 2007 our heat exchangers were installed in the system of ventilation air heat recovery at OJSC “MAZ” (Belarus). In 2008 they were applied in one of the largest European heat pump stations, which uses energy of the Black Sea.