High energy saving ratio

Self-cleaning effect

Various design options

Unlimited service life

The main benefits of our recuperators are affordable prices, increased reliability due to the use of stainless steel and availability of various installation options.

Scope of application

TeFo recuperators provide energy-efficient ventilation at minimal cost. Our recuperators provide fresh air and thermal comfort and can be used in residential and office premises, cottages and apartments.

Order TeFo recuperators

Please fill in the type and the number of required TeFo recuperators or attach a sketch plan of the premises - our experts will give their recommendations on the type of recuperators and their installation options.

TeFo 1:

TeFo 2:

TeFo 3:

TeFo 4:

Design features

Our recuperators feature a number of innovative solutions, which are based on the results of our research in the field of aerodynamics and heat transfer. These include a special profile of stainless tubes, which provides a self-cleaning effect, operability in an extremely wide temperature range, tight tube bundle layout, and others.

Price list and installation options

TeFo recuperators are available at affordable prices. Moreover, the configuration of the recuperators’ branch pipes can be changed to ensure the best installation option and this will not affect the price. We also offer a flexible discount system for our representatives.