Advantages of TTAI heat exchangers

Weight and space limitations of TTAI heat exchangers are 10 times less than those of traditional shell and tube heat exchangers and modern gasketed plate heat exchangers 

The use of TTAI heat exchangers allows: 

  • to free up useful room space due to their compactness
  • to install TTAI heat exchangers in small and not easily accessible areas
  • to facilitate transportation and simplify installation of TTAI heat exchangers because of their light weight
  • to provide easy technical maintenance due to the possibility to remove a tube bank from the tube shell
  • to reduce operating costs
  • to approach fluid freezing temperature when the fluid is cooled
  • to extend the period of continuous operation due to the effect of self-cleaning, which is the special feature of our heat exchangers
  • to create compact heat units which do not require spacious rooms for their installation, so that the space can be used for another purposes